Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crazy Foreclosure Guy Lands on WINK-TV

The Crazy Foreclosure Guy landed himself on WINK-TV last night during the 5:30 news. Check out the story here: How exciting! It's the best local success we've had with the campaign! We are grateful to WINK News Reporter Christina Hernandez for sharing Tom's story with our community.

The online success of the release has been fantastic! In 11 days we've garnered more than 1,700 full page reads and 137,000 headline impressions through PRWeb. Just type Crazy Foreclosure Guy into Google and see all of the listings that come up!

I just can't say enough about PRWeb for getting the news out to the entire world! We went with the media visibility package, which has MANY benefits, including the ability to upload video and get the story out to all of the top news outlets in the country, including USA Today. We didn't get a "story" out of USA Today, but we did get a mention!

Plus, the analytical reports they deliver after the release goes live are great! How else would you know exactly how much attention your release is getting? Check out their pricing page for more information.

This release is just one of many to come from the Crazy Foreclosure Guy! It was a great way to start getting his name out there. He's got a TON of things on the horizon. I'll keep you posted!