Thursday, February 2, 2012

David Essel Lets the World Know About Upcoming Life Coach Certification Teleclass

My client David Essel wanted to let the whole world know that his life coach certification courses are available via teleclass. As a result, we put together a national release and sent it out via PRweb. Check it out!

Here are a few key points about our strategy with this release:

  • We realized that David's status as a national radio host helps give him credibility as a life coach certification instructor, while at the same time, being a life coach certification instructor gives credibility to his national radio host position, so we tied those two together.
  • We addressed the benefits of taking a life coach certification course via teleclass and even included links to a couple of youtube videos to support the information.
  • We used three testimonials from people who have gone through his life coach certification courses.
  • Of course, since this is an SEO release, we used the most important key words in his headline, summary and lead paragraph -- as well as throughout the body.
  • We made sure the call to action at the bottom was clear and offered an incentive to those who mentioned the release in their registration.
This all also worked out well, because just two weeks earlier we released information about the new location for his radio show David Essel Alive!. So far so good! Let's see how those registrations come in!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Client Goes National With XM Satellite Radio Release

My client, David Essel, wanted to "go big" with the news that he was taking his talk radio show, "David Essel Alive!" to a national level on XM radio. So, naturally, we opted for a national news release through PRWeb

After only one week, the release already has a total of 77,642 total impressions on PRWeb. It also has 1,170 pickup results on Google and has been republished in newspapers such as the Daily Herald, The Houston Chronicle and CBS online. Considering the release has only been live for one week, this is a great number of results.

David had the idea to use a few celebrity names to draw attention from the search engines, and boy was he on target with that! In addition to the more traditional media outlets, we have found links to the release on celebrity fan pages that simply came from putting their names in our release. I hope you'll agree that we did it tactfully, too.

David is also a pro at YouTube videos and did one especially for the release -- an added benefit for anyone wanting to know more about the show.

Click here to see the release and how we optimized it for the search engines. And, P.S. tune in every Saturday from 6-9 p.m. EST (3-6 PST.)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Need a Freelance Writer?

Tina Haisman public relations is on the lookout for marketing and public relations professionals who need assistance meeting their writing deadlines.

"Throughout my career, I have found freelance writers bring a great value to an already solid public relations or marketing team," Tina said. "I love working with other public relations and marketing professionals who know what they're doing, but just need an extra hand to get the job done."

Tina discovered her love for writing in high school on the staff of her high school newspaper. She also did some writing for her college newspaper.

Tina's very first assignment out of college was to ghostwrite a letter from the Vice President of Caterpillar Track-Type Tractors Division to the employees. Much to her surprise at that early point in her career, Tina's first draft of the letter was met with raving reviews and virtually no changes were requested. Her writing career has taken wings ever since.

Throughout Tina's career, she has had the opportunity to write for clients in many different industries, which has helped her learn how to match the voice of every company she has had the privilege of writing for.

In his recommendation on Tina's LinkedIn profile, KUA Vice President of Corporate Communications Chris Gent said, "Tina's writing is creative, concise and interesting to the reader. As a service provider, I appreciate her dependability and attention to detail. She's very good at what she does, and she's a real professional. We consider her part of our team."

Tina enjoys writing all types of marketing and public relations copy. Contact her for more information on how to make her part of your team.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bounty Rules at Make-A-Messterpiece

How's this for marketing? Today we visited Make-A-Messterpiece -- a creative art studio for kids. Their slogan is "Say Yes to the Mess!"

They sell messy packages that include painting, drawing, playing with bubbles, making crafts, learning about science, cooking and more.

Some of the titles of their activity stations are: Kids' Creative Kitchen, Bubble'ology, DrumRoll, Lil' Sprouts and Experimentation Station.

Well, this fun, messy place has found a huge sponsor in Bounty paper towels. What a great idea! Every mess needs to be cleaned up, right? So, why not use the best paper towels on the planet?

You can see from the pictures that the Bounty logo is found all over the place -- especially at the hand-washing stations!

Their website works the Bounty sponsorship in well by telling moms part of the benefit of kids visiting this creative studio is that they will also learn how to clean up after themselves!

On a side note, they use Charmin toilet paper in the bathrooms -- each toilet paper roll has the Charmin logo painted above it on the wall! I didn't feel right taking a picture in a bathroom, so you'll just have to imagine that one!

Anyway, if you want to see more about Make-A-Messterpiece, visit!

Cool stuff!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Next Generation of Marketing Professionals are on the Way

This week I had the pleasure of speaking to a couple of marketing classes at my alma mater -- Illinois State University.

My task was simply to share my career path with them in an effort to give them a glimpse of what can happen after graduation.

One of the things we touched on was creativity in your career -- because careers are not necessarily as streamlined as they were before. And, they are not always a straight line to retirement, as they once were.

I told the students about my career plan -- to start in the corporate world and gain experience, credibility and certifications. Then to launch a consulting business after having children that would allow me to be home with my children most of the time. (So far, so good!)

I showed them a few of the most fun projects I've worked on, such as the Million Dollar Coupon and the KUA annual reports. These were great examples of how the digital world is changing the fields of marketing and public relations.

I also shared with them how networking, volunteering and doing internships helped me get to where I am now. Living my dream.

It was such a fun experience, and I was really impressed by the students I spoke with. If anyone needs a few good marketing interns, let me know, and I'll get you in touch with the Marketing Department at ISU.