Thursday, November 10, 2011

Need a Freelance Writer?

Tina Haisman public relations is on the lookout for marketing and public relations professionals who need assistance meeting their writing deadlines.

"Throughout my career, I have found freelance writers bring a great value to an already solid public relations or marketing team," Tina said. "I love working with other public relations and marketing professionals who know what they're doing, but just need an extra hand to get the job done."

Tina discovered her love for writing in high school on the staff of her high school newspaper. She also did some writing for her college newspaper.

Tina's very first assignment out of college was to ghostwrite a letter from the Vice President of Caterpillar Track-Type Tractors Division to the employees. Much to her surprise at that early point in her career, Tina's first draft of the letter was met with raving reviews and virtually no changes were requested. Her writing career has taken wings ever since.

Throughout Tina's career, she has had the opportunity to write for clients in many different industries, which has helped her learn how to match the voice of every company she has had the privilege of writing for.

In his recommendation on Tina's LinkedIn profile, KUA Vice President of Corporate Communications Chris Gent said, "Tina's writing is creative, concise and interesting to the reader. As a service provider, I appreciate her dependability and attention to detail. She's very good at what she does, and she's a real professional. We consider her part of our team."

Tina enjoys writing all types of marketing and public relations copy. Contact her for more information on how to make her part of your team.