Friday, October 28, 2011

Bounty Rules at Make-A-Messterpiece

How's this for marketing? Today we visited Make-A-Messterpiece -- a creative art studio for kids. Their slogan is "Say Yes to the Mess!"

They sell messy packages that include painting, drawing, playing with bubbles, making crafts, learning about science, cooking and more.

Some of the titles of their activity stations are: Kids' Creative Kitchen, Bubble'ology, DrumRoll, Lil' Sprouts and Experimentation Station.

Well, this fun, messy place has found a huge sponsor in Bounty paper towels. What a great idea! Every mess needs to be cleaned up, right? So, why not use the best paper towels on the planet?

You can see from the pictures that the Bounty logo is found all over the place -- especially at the hand-washing stations!

Their website works the Bounty sponsorship in well by telling moms part of the benefit of kids visiting this creative studio is that they will also learn how to clean up after themselves!

On a side note, they use Charmin toilet paper in the bathrooms -- each toilet paper roll has the Charmin logo painted above it on the wall! I didn't feel right taking a picture in a bathroom, so you'll just have to imagine that one!

Anyway, if you want to see more about Make-A-Messterpiece, visit!

Cool stuff!

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